Dairy Product

At Platts, we know that the health of your cattle is crucial to your business. That’s why we have developed a number of bedding solutions and cubicle conditioners to suit all farms and all cattle.

We also know that, as the saying goes, happy cows are cash cows. It’s been shown that dairy cows who spend more time lying each day produce more milk. So,with the best quality bedding, you can improve your cow’s comfort and maximise your milk yields!

We offer a wide range of products, developed with your cows needs in mind, from MixBed- our economy sawdust and shavings blend, to Powderbed, our premium cubicle conditioner- our sales team can find something to suit you, your cows and your budget.

Whatever your farm system, our experienced Sales Team will understand your requirements and can recommend something to keep your cows clean and dry. Take a look at the products below to see what’s on offer.

our product range:

Fine Bed

Fine Bed® cubicle conditioner is designed to be used sparingly on the mat or mattress, to control moisture and keep cattle clean and hygienic. Since it’s so fine and 100% dry, only one large cup of product is required per cow mat- meaning a bag covers up to 50 cubicles! We recommend bedding twice daily – little and often!

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Powder Bed

Powder Bed was developed by Platts to provide a hygienic and comfortable cubicle drying solution for your dairy cows, using a unique, super fine consistency of softwood sawdust to ensure a dry and clean environment.

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Mixbed was developed by Platts to provide a hygienic and comfortable bedding solution for your dairy cows, using a unique blend of sawdust and shavings to provide ultimate comfort and cushioning for your cattle.

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Premium White Sawdust

Platts Premium White sawdust boasts excellent absorbency, absorbing three times its own weight in moisture. A ‘butchers grade’ traditional cross-cut sawdust makes it the perfect choice for farmers looking for a less dusty alternative to powdered sawdust.

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Premium Shavings

Platts Premium Shavings (PPS) are designed with your horses in mind. Following years of development, our modern screening facilities ensure that PPS are completely dust extracted, in order to produce high-quality stable bedding for your horse or pony.

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Bovi bed is a fibrous, dusty blend to keep your beef cattle and dairy cattle dry, clean and comfortable

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