Horses Product
We understand that your horses and their wellbeing is really important to you. That’s why we’ve developed a range of products designed to keep them clean, dry and comfortable.

Completely dust free

All our equine bedding products are completely dust extracted, with your horses in mind. With dust extracted shavings- as well as super-absorbent wood pellets- we can cater to your needs.


Easy to Store

We know that often, indoor storage space is at a premium on busy farms or livery yards. As with all of the Platts’ animal bedding products, our equine bedding is packaged using our very own modern, in-house packaging facilities, with secure polythene wrapping, and a weatherproof hood, so you can conveniently store your bedding outside until you need it.

our product range:

Premium Shavings

Platts Premium Shavings (PPS) are designed with your horses in mind. Following years of development, our modern screening facilities ensure that PPS are completely dust extracted, in order to produce high-quality stable bedding for your horse or pony.

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Wood Pellets

Platts premium quality wood pellets are an ideal stable bedding option for your horses- and a great alternative to dust-extracted shavings for horses who are susceptible to COPD.        

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