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Bulk Fresh Sawdust

Platts Bulk Fresh Sawdust is a granulated softwood virgin loose pine sawdust, developed to provide a versatile and economical bedding solution for farmers.

Fresh off the mill...

Platts Bulk Fresh sawdust is completely virgin, you won’t find any recycled wood in your load- meaning your livestock are kept as clean as they can be!


Straight from the sawmill, it’s much less dusty than the kiln-dried and micro-milled alternatives. Since it is fresh- the moisture content will vary throughout the year. Ask us for more information when you enquire…


When bales just won't cut it...

For those with larger requirements or loose housing – bulk sawdust may just be the best option!


Delivered on a moving floor articulated trailer- loads average around 22-26 tonnes. As always with our bulk deliveries- you’ll receive a weighbridge ticket- and only pay for what you receive.


Versatile and Economical

Bulk Fresh Sawdust provides a versatile and economical bedding solution for farmers. Suitable for a variety of cubicle types, earth pens, or loose shed housing- bulk fresh sawdust could be the solution to your bedding requirements.


Product Ranges:


All Platts baled products are stacked on pallets, and wrapped in a weatherproof hood, giving you the option of bio-secure outdoor storage whatever the weather.



All Platts bulk products are delivered on walking floor articulated trucks. The average weight of a bulk load is 20-22 tonnes.



Speak with our team today for more information about Bulk Fresh Sawdust, or for a price delivered to your farm.