Fine Bed

Fine Bed® cubicle conditioner is designed to be used sparingly on the mat or mattress, to control moisture and keep cattle clean and hygienic. Since it’s so fine and 100% dry, only one large cup of product is required per cow mat- meaning a bag covers up to 50 cubicles! We recommend bedding twice daily – little and often!

Customer Testimonial from Whittingham Hall Farm.

"Less rubbing on the hocks, less mastitis, lower cell counts, and generally more hygienic cows" - are just some of the benefits that Mick at Whittingham Hall Farm mentioned when we asked how Platts Finebed impacts their herd health! Watch the video and hear the full story... Thanks again Dewhurst family for getting involved and sharing your successes!


As its name suggests, FineBed is finer than other types of bedding. Designed to be used as a drying agent, it is developed for use on mats and mattresses. Using our innovative blending machinery, we ensure that all FineBed grains are screened to 3mm or less to achieve an ultra-soft consistency, meaning that your cows are always kept comfortable.

It’s a fact that the more comfortable your cows, the happier they are, and thus the better the quality of the milk they produce- meaning more profit for you.


Keeping your cattle dry, comfortable and cosy will help to ensure that they remain healthy and are less likely to become ill. Cows with ill-health are less likely to produce milk to the quality standards you need to adhere to in order to meet your customers’ needs, which is why having the right bedding for your cattle is so important.

FineBed’s particles are highly absorbent, to ensure that your cow’s cubicle environment is kept hygienic throughout the day. This reduces the likelihood of your dairy cows contracting a bacterial infection and becoming ill, so you can rest assured of quality produce for your customers.


Unlike some other types of dairy cattle bedding, such as sand and straw, FineBed cubicle conditioner has been specifically developed by Platts to reduce pipe blockages, and suspends well in slurry systems. Its unique fine particles don’t cause build-up in your machinery, so you can pump your slurry as efficiently as possible, meaning less maintenance work for you.

We package our FineBed in easy-to-handle bales, which can be carried and used to direct apply the sawdust to cattle cubicles. These bales are a great way to monitor your usage of the product, to accurately calculate the amount and cost of product required per cow. Only 1 coffee cup is required per cubicle- since the product is so absorbent, less is best – you can expect to use 1 bale to 50 cubicles.

These bales are stacked on pallets and protected by a secure weatherproof hood, to enable flexible outdoor storage until you need to use your bedding.

Product Ranges:


All Platts baled products are stacked on pallets, and wrapped in a weatherproof hood, giving you the option of bio-secure outdoor storage whatever the weather.



All Platts bulk products are delivered on walking floor articulated trucks. The average weight of a bulk load is 20-22 tonnes.



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