Premium Chopped Rape Straw

Premium Chopped Rape Straw is a de-dusted, chopped, and milled product that has large spreading volumes and can be used as an alternative to shavings for bedding.

Chopped, Milled and highly absorbent

Provide your horses with a comfortable, soft, and cosy bedding that is extremely absorbent- keeping your horse clean and dry.

Our Premium Rape Straw is chopped and milled- so it goes further. Just remove the wet and muck patches where required.


Packaged in 60 Litre bales – and covered in a weatherproof hood for easy outdoor storage.

Dust Extracted

You can rest assured that the product won’t give your horses any unpleasant surprises because premium chopped rape is double de-dusted. It’s the ideal product for horses with sensitive respiratory systems or other health issues, and a perfect, cost-effective alternative to shavings.

Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable

Premium chopped rape straw is a locally produced, biodegradable product that can be spread directly on the ground, saving you money on muck removal, and supplying your fields with the best fertiliser.

Product Ranges:


All Platts baled products are stacked on pallets, and wrapped in a weatherproof hood, giving you the option of bio-secure outdoor storage whatever the weather.



All Platts bulk products are delivered on walking floor articulated trucks. The average weight of a bulk load is 20-22 tonnes.