Premium Chopped Hay

Premium Hay for horse feed contains chopped meadow hay, sold in bales made locally and using sustainable production methods. Available 12 months of the year. 

Fantastic quality guaranteed  

A naturally dried product, red tractor quality assured for peace of mind. Our recyclable packaging keeps hay fresher for longer, ready to feed your horses anytime.

Grown and baled on the Gower in Wales, you can be sure of a quality, local product. The grasses and herbs are thrashed, leaving no grains and just the stalks, to fill up hungry tummies. 

Health benefits  

Premium Hay is double dust and spore extracted, to minimise respiratory issues like COPD and IAD. The product is ideal as part of a ration for horses, packed full of natural goodness.


A diet rich in fibre is essential for preventing dental issues, digestive issues, and obesity. Premium hay is low in protein and calories but high in fibre. 


Premium hay is packed in 100 Litre bales, and stacked on pallets, covered in a weatherproof hood, suitable for ourdoor storage.

We can deliver from 1 pallet, all the way up to full lorry loads for the best value. Why not mix and match your feed and bedding for the season and save £££’s?

Product Ranges:


All Platts baled products are stacked on pallets, and wrapped in a weatherproof hood, giving you the option of bio-secure outdoor storage whatever the weather.



All Platts bulk products are delivered on walking floor articulated trucks. The average weight of a bulk load is 20-22 tonnes.