Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Platts Agriculture Limited is a market leading animal bedding supplier based in Llay, Wrexham and has been established since 1973.  We are committed to always providing our stakeholders with a quality service, and to providing our customers with a quality product which we constantly monitor and review.

We have formalised our existing practices into a Quality Management System  demonstrating our aim to achieve excellence in all activities.  To do this we have undertaken a review of our business risks and have put systems in place to manage and control these risks through a programme of monitoring and action.

We commit to complying with the requirements of our Quality Management System and applicable legal obligations, to ensure business sustainability, quality performance and customer satisfaction.

We shall ensure that an effective infrastructure will be maintained and staff sufficiently trained and competent to perform tasks in a manner which upholds our commitment to a high-quality service to our customers and suppliers.

This policy acts as a framework for our separately documented objectives and targets.  We shall monitor and measure the effectiveness of our efforts and make changes, when required, to ensure we remain focused on continual improvement.

This policy will be made available and communicated and understood by all relevant parties.


Name Caroline Platt                                                                        Signed:

Position: Managing Director                                                        Date: 10th October 2023